Second Breakfast: Tommy Lee Jones Turns to Directing with ‘The Homesman’

I loved this movie . one life touching so many without notice.

Rooster Illusion


Usually when an actor decides to write, produce, direct, and star in a movie, disaster hides just around the corner, an elbow clearly visible, alerting you to its presence, warning you of an impending “boo!”, one that you lack the strength to avoid because, damn it, disaster just endears to you so much, and could use the giggle storm that would doubtless follow your feigned surprise once it jumps out at you… hah… sorry, I got a little lost there. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, and you get the drop on disaster, but still preserve the giggling. I’m thinking in that case of Clint Eastwood, Billy Bob Thornton, uhm, I guess Jackie Chan. It can work. Most of the time, though, it’s just gawd awful. Anyhoozle, it comes as a great surprise and relief when that’s not the case.

The Homesman (2014)


The Plot: When three women (Miranda Otto, Grace…

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Practice Regime: Generating Awe

some of the best comes from the emotionally driven

Strategy School: Power for the Rest of Us

Humans are primarily emotional creatures. That is, emotions drive what we do. This is strange for us to hear because we tend to believe that we are primarily intellectual or reason driven. but research demonstrates that this is just not the case.

This opens the door to the question , “which emotions are most useful?” The answer might surprise you. One emotion that is particularly useful is gratitude. When you feel thankful, you get smarter. Another very useful emotion is awe.  Awe inspires a range of positive mental and physical reactions. These reactions expand our awareness of time and can even protect the body and mind.

So what generates awe?  Consider this quote from the above article

… research suggests that the events that end up being most important in our lives, the events that bring us the most happiness and also carry the potential for the most pain…

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Community Pool

work in slow progress

The Daily Post

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Privacy vs. Equality in the Supreme Court


There is a lesson in the past fifty years of litigation. When the fight for equal rights for women narrowed to a fight for reproductive rights, defended on the ground of privacy, it weakened. But when the fight for gay rights became a fight for same-sex marriage, asserted on the ground of equality, it got stronger and stronger.

Jill Lepore, in The New Yorker, on the privacy arguments that defined reproductive rights battles in the Supreme Court, versus the equality fight for gay marriage.

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Hello? I Forgot My Mantra.

I had a particularly delightful weekend. I went to the Rifle Paper Company event celebrating their partnership with leSportSac on the east side on Saturday. There, I sipped prosecco while a hip flower shop from Brooklyn made the lovely bouquet you see below. I perused the many cute Rifle items at the store and settled on a small cosmetic bag for my purse. What a treat!

FullSizeRender (23)

I also went to a BBQ in Brooklyn. And hung out with my dear friends Kate & Jenny on the UWS. Also, the new Tay Tay video which premiered at the Billboard Music Awards last night was meh. It reminded me of this vintage video.

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21st Century Thinking: Positioning Yourself


Strategy School: Power for the Rest of Us

the 20th century offered unique opportunities for folks with knowledge and/or skill sets that they could sell. These lucky millions of people could “plug into” work environments and sell high value added services. It was something new on the planet and the effects were revolutionary.

But there was a catch. The catch had to do with what you could  plug into. The plug in points were relatively fixed. So, for example, when my dad was trying to advise me as a young boy what my future could hold, he said “You can become a professional or you can go into management.” In this mind there was nothing else worth thinking about. In other words, I had limited choices in how to plug in.

This started to break apart in the late 20th century when tech startups started to make serious money. Suddenly, one might think about being a “serial entrepreneur”…

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