March Madness Round 11: ‘Interstellar’ vs. ‘Selma’

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Perhaps to nobody’s great surprise, The Lego Movie beat out John Wick, securing a spot in the semifinals to face off against either Edge of Tomorrow or The Grand Budapest Hotel. Should be an interesting final four, at any rate. Will miss you, John Wick, you fought valiantly and shot a bunch of dudes, but now you can go home with your dog.

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The quarterfinals are well on their way, with half of the semifinalists now determined. The question on everyone’s mind (presumably)? Which of these two films will face off against Guardians of the Galaxy for a spot at the final? Having previously vanquished The Babadook and Inherent Vice, respectively, Christopher Nolan’s epic time/space odyssey Interstellar and Ava DuVernay’s moving, historical drama Selma square off. Need a recap on either film? Follow the links provided for some pretty solid reviews. Definitely solid.

Paramount Pictures/Cloud Eight FIlmsParamount Pictures/Cloud Eight…

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The Last Freeway


Hillel Aron | Slake | July 2011 | 20 minutes (4,888 words)

Hillel Aron’s “The Last Freeway” was published in Slake in 2011 and appeared as a Longreads Member Pick in September 2013. It’s a story about a city (Los Angeles), a freeway interchange (where the 105 meets the 110), and a man (Judge Harry Pregerson). Aron explains:

“Well, my friends Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa had this great quarterly called Slake, and I wanted to write something for them, so we sat down and talked about it… I think maybe I pitched it to them, I can’t remember. I’d was just always fascinated by freeways, growing up in Los Angeles, and I loved that Reyner Banham book, The Architecture of the Four Ecologies. When I was kid, I was completely enchanted by that 105 / 110 interchange, the carpool lane one, which towers above the city. It’s basically like a rollercoaster. Actually it…

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